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Lumira Designer: Count results of dimension in a chart

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I am working currently on a sales dashboard. On the first page there is a column chart which displays more or less data - depends on the authorizations in the BW backend.

The difference can be really huge: For example one user is only able to see one country within the chart, another user is able to see 38 countries.

I want to achieve that if there are more than 12 countries displayed the chart shouldn´t be visible. I want the user then to use a button (which is displayed instead of the chart) to switch to another site with more details (maybe on a crosstab).

User A, only 2 countries visible:

User B, 24 countries visible:

So I try to get the result of the chart. I didn´t find a way to do this with scripting based on the chart.

var member_array = DS_4.getMembers("ZG_CWW001", 999);
var member = member_array.length;

With the .getMembers function the result contains all members and not the displayed one. The .getSelectedMembers is just counting selected values while consuming the report.

Do you have any ideas how to get the numbers of displayed countries to change the way how the data is displayed?

Thanks in advance,


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