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Lumira bookmarks - variable value is empty


Hello everybody,

I have an issue with bookmarks. I created a dashboard with lumira which contains bookmarks.

I did the following steps:

1. Open the layout and edit a variable value for one dimension in the prompt dialog (e.g. value = A)

2. Set some other filter values in the layout and create a bookmark.

3. Change the variable fot the dimension from A to B

4. Load the bookmark (from step 2). The value of the dimension changes from B to A and all the additional filter values are selected.

So far, everything works fine and as esxpected.

If I use the bookmark url-link to open the layout, the variable for the dimension in the prompt dialog is empty. I had expected, that the variable for the dimension is fill out with the value „A“.

Does anybody knows, how could I solve this?

Kind regards, Timo

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Have nobody a tipp for me or had this issue before?

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I have exactly the same issue: opening the URL of the bookmark doesn't change a variable value to the saved value.

One hint on this bug: the variable has a default value which different to the one saved in the bookmark.

Any help would be appreciated!