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lumira 2.1 or 2.2 write data to HANA or BW?

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Hi experts.

We have such scene,have you realize it? or any idea?

when we view the lumira report,if some data is special,we want to comment it,and we can check it next time(I know,this can be true in lumira 2.2,but its not enough).In lumira 2.2,when we comment it,the comment is save in server,but we want to save in HANA or BW ,which means we need to write data into datasource.Can I realize it?

Waiting for your help!



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The Comments component writes its data to the database configured in the commentary service on the BI Platform.

This blog post is a great place for more info on Lumira Comments component:

Comments Functionality in SAP Lumira Designer

And this SAP note may help you get closer to putting the comments in HANA:

2313289 - How to configure BI commentary to use a new database in BI 4.2