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<phtmlb:comboBox> - Autocomplete function required

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With the element <phtmlb:comboBox> an autocomplete function shall be realized. (behavior=freetext)

Depending on the input in the comboBox the DropDown-List

shall appear with positioning on the first suitable entry.

I'd be interested if this function is possible and, if so, how to realize it.

(WebAS 6.20, SP 50 )

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Answers (2)

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autocomplete is a basic functionality of HTML/browser. You can look at the HTML document for the form tag (where it is set for the complete form) and also for the input type=text tag (where it can be set for each inputfield). So this is at the HTML level.

As for the combobox, this might be possible. Might? From my looking at the rendering engine we use, it has in the newest versions something that comes close.

Please send my Monday a OSS message requesting your exact feature. We will consider it and see if it is actually really possible on a future SP (will not be downportable). Please add a link to this SDN thread in the message.


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Everything is possible

I did not have the need for such functionality yet, but I came across an example-in-use for auto-complete:

I got an old Yahoo! mail account (which I use for spam-likely registrations), and upon sending a mail from this account lately, I realized that on entering the mail address there is such an auto-complete.

Instantly I thought to myself "cool, I gotta investigate that code to use it later on", but up to now I didn't do so (unfortunately).

Maybe you can check it out - reverse-engineering existing code is a great way to learn as well.