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LSMW > Covert Data_"Generation cancelled. Reason: No Target Fields"

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Dear Experts,

I am trying to following previous indoor consultant left document to do the SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench for data upload from an excel file to SAP system, From 1st to 10th step of LSMW I guess I have been done, and even though a lack of dump screen and almost nothing instruction wording, I can still passed these several step with my limitation with a bit imaging, thus I just want to your guys and God blessing, please.. help give me an idea where should be wrong and I got this error message on when I am doing step 11th of "Convert Data", I've got this error message below when I execute it.

"Generation cancelled. Reason: No Target Fields"

Thank you very much,

Maintain Object Attributes = done

Maintain Source Structures = done

Maintain Source Fields = done

Maintain Structure Relations = done

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules = done

Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines = nothing change

Specify Files = done

Assign Files = done

Import Data = done

Display Imported Data = done

Convert Data = error message "Generation cancelled. Reason: No Target Fields"

Display Converted Data

Create Batch Input Session

Run Batch Input Session

>> That's be my goal..


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Thanks for all, Second, found to be checked after the recording field appears when the problem, i have not been defined to the relevant name and description, and this will be a default value is converted into a null value, would like to thank the various sectors may be cared for me, this issue's