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Low Buffer in ST02

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Hi All,

Upon fresh installation of ECC 6.0 EPH7 and then I did a client copy, but upon checking ST02, it seems most of my buffers are low not close to 100 at all (Screenshot below).

I tried to play around with



to tweak my initial records but still very low and does not seems to improve,

any steps where I should start beginning to troubleshot?

Thank you,



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Answers (2)

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this depends upon following parameters

1. what is the concurrent user activity in ECC

2. what is the size of buffer

3. what is size of DB Buffer and DB block size .

and yes agree with Yves that this Ratio will increase as system is getting used by users and more activity done in system and only need to take care is to check all memory parameter in sync with your hardware and DB.



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HitRatio are not significant after a system restart.

Here you've got low ratio but few DB access, buffer HitRatio should improve with user activity.

1918603 - High swaps in transaction ST02

It is not possible to suggest a precise value for the buffer sizes. The sizes depend on the update

level, amount of data in the system, the applications used, etc. In general, the buffer must always be set

as large as necessary to avoid swaps.