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Looping Process Call and Poll Enrich to read multiple files from the SFTP Server.

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Hi, I am using Looping Process Call and Poll Enrich to read multiple files from the SFTP Server. 
In the SFTP adapter, in Post-Processing , i have selected Keep File and Mark as Processed in Idempotent Repository because if i choose Keep file and Process Again then it is reading only one file and the loop is running infinitely. Also, I can't choose Move file and Delete file because of restrictions.

My question is if the file is read and at some point in my iFlow if i get any error then i have to reprocess that file. But due to using "Keep File and Mark as Processed in Idempotent Repository", I am not able to read the file again.

How can i solve this issue?
Is there any where i can mark that file as unprocessed in the Idempotent Repository?
or any other solution.


SAP Integration Suite Cloud Integration

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Good question, I resolved with groovy and jsch library, I take list of files and I put it on xml saved on global variable, I've updated this variable every file I've processed correctly so if I run and there is some file not processed I take it again.

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Hi Abhinav,

No GUI is available to see the idempotent repository entries but you can use the API to handle entries in the idempotent repository:

In the resources you can get and delete entries from the repository. Important to note is that you need to know the ID of the entry to be able to get the required information to be able to delete an entry.

We created an integration which handles the calls only input is in our case a body with 1 or multiple IDs to be cleaned from idempotent repository but using the apis directly is also an option.

Hopefully this is helpfull.

Kind regards,