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loop problem in a MDM workflow

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Hi MDM experts,

I have just read Ketan Phanse article about loop scenarios in MDM workflow. It's clear and interesting.

What I don't understand is how I can create a branch step and the validation rule where I test the approve or reject request.

I can drag and drop the branch stencil in my workflow model but I can't know how to write the validation rule: what are the validation expressions i for testing the approve or reject requests?

Any suggestions and help are appreciate.



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i give u a short Example through workflow






Suppose in your Main table there is a field which you want should always have some value say this field is Product ID

So, in Main table select Validations Pane and Create a validation say validation Name Mandatory Product ID

Here validation shud contain expression as IS_NOT_NULL(Product ID)

Create a new field of type Text Say Status in Main table.

Create an assignment say Approved Records in Assignment Pane Select Property Table Field = Status in assignment expression write say Approved

During configuring workflow in Branch Step select Property Validations = Mandatory Product ID

on selecting this two more Properties get Enabled Select Property Mandatory Product ID = Assign and Property Default = Stop , All the steps should be connected properly using Connector,

For Assign Step select Property Assignment = Approved Records

So using this workflow it will fill the values Approved in the field Status for all the records having Product ID and for failed records it go directly to stop

Hope it will Help you,

Rewards if Useful.....

Mandeep Saini

Edited by: Mandeep Saini on Jun 6, 2008 1:40 PM