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lookup values not updated in data manager...

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I'm new to mdm.I'm using mdm 7.1.I have two main tables out of which one has a lookup main field that references into the other main table.But when i try to add a record into the main table, the lookup field does not show any values.I have selected the proper display display fields in the other main table.

Any help would be highly appreciated.



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Hi Rithesh,

This is a standard behavior of SAP MDM 7.1. You can not see the drop-down list of look-up values of Main table as you can see for look up flat tables. You can see only the display field of this secondary Main table not its values. But it crosschecks for that display field values exist in this secondary Main table or not.

For example: your secondary Main table has Display field as SAP Material No which has five records in this main table. SAP material has values for these 5 records as 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Now, when a field of Primary main table (which is look-up to this Secondary main table) can have only values populated for this field between 1 to 5. I mean when you click on this field of Primary main table it will show you the Display field of Secondary table and when here you type to write 6 , it will highlight (Error: No records Found) and if you type there 3 it will highlight 1 record found

Just try it and revert with result.


Mandeep Saini

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Hi everyone,

I've created a [Wiki page|] explaining the import of lookup main fields based upon the SAP delivered Vendor repository. Feel free to check & comment.

Best regards


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Hi Ritesh,

I faced the same issue while I was working on MDM 7.1 SP00. Whenever we are entering the data into Lookup main field using Data Manager, we need to enter the value in any of the subfield of Lookup main field manually for first record.

Let me explain you with taking an very simple example, suppose we have two main tables Product & Customer and Cutomer Details is a lookup main field in Product main table which is refrencing Cutomer main table.

Product Main Table Fields: (Product number, Product name, Cutomer Details(Cutomer Name, Customer Code and Customer BDate))

Note: Customer Details is a Lookup Main field which is refrencing Customer main table.

Customer Main Table Fields: (Cutomer Name (DF), Customer Address, Customer Code (DF), CustomerBDate (DF), etc )

Note: Only the display fields will be visible in Customer Details lookup main fields of Product main table.

Follow these steps to enter data using Data Manager:

1. In Data Manager, Select Customer Main table and create some records in Cutomer main table by entering values in all the required and display fields. Note: Display Fields: whose data you want to be displayed in Customer Detail lookup main field in Product main table.

2. Change to Product Main table and enter the first record. Note: While entering the value in Cutomer Details lookup main field of Product main table, you need to enter the value in any of the subfield (Customer Name/Customer Code/Customer BDate) manually. Once you enter this value, rest of the fields value will be populated automatically.

3. Enter the second record, once you'll click on Cutomer Details lookup main field, it will automatically show the available recods.

For the first record creation, the lookup main field do not show the available values but once the first record is created it shows all the available values with message [n records found]. I can not comment whether that was a bug.

Try the above explained process, may be it will resolve your problem.

Thanks/ -Tarun

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Hi Rithesh,

While importing the lookUpMain table data,First you need to clone the field and map that cloned field to Remotekey.Then only you can able to view the records otherwise No.

FYI..Whatever the fied you made it as Display in lookupmain table those fied values only u can able to of the fields are not ablt to view.

Please go through the below link to know how to import or load LookupMain Table data.

Hope it Helps