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Lookup function is not working


Hello all, I'm trying to create a kpi that ignores all page/story filters, until now I was using a calculated account with all dimensions under "enable constant selection" but, to avoid repeating the same calculated account again and again, I tried creating a LOOKUP formula in the model:

The issue is it doesn't work, if I filter something in the screen, both the LOOKUP and the regular accounts will be filtered:

Any idea on what is the issue there? Thank you in advance.

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Hello pruizpascual,

This is by design. Lookup function takes into account any story or page filter.


LOOKUP([<account member>], [<POV>], [<Ignore Dimension>])

use of ignore dimensions parameter decides how the result set is dispersed across dimensions (ignoring the mentioned dimensions)

Help Document : Lookup

Above link go over examples and the limitations.

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I am not sure why LOOKUP() is respecting filters when you have put all dimensions in the IGNORE parameter of the function. I did a quick test and found that when dimensions used in filter are present in IGNORE list, filter ignores them. See below. GM is a calculated member used to LOOKUP Gross Margin with all dimensions in IGNORE list.

Formula defining GM:

When All Product is selected both Gross Margin and GM return same result (expected).

When Product has a filter set to Alcohol. Gross Margin respects the filter but GM simply ignores it. (Expected)

The behavior looks similar to Constant selection in Restricted Measure Calculation unless I am missing something.