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Looking up a substring

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I have a situation where I need to lookup against just a portion of a field (i.e. the equivalent of LIKE in SQL).  How can I make this happen in data services as it seems I cannot manipulate the column in the lookup table as part of lookup_ext.

As an example.

I have a source email field with

My lookup table has

I want to lookup and find that jsmith1 record as a match.

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Hello Ken,

Try using match transform for your requirement.

In match transform editor Select 'Options' tab--> Select 'Edit Options' box---> Under 'Group Forming' option Add 'Candidate Selection'--> Use 'Create custom SQL' option to add second source which is used to compare and use 'column mapping' option to map the columns---> Use 'Match Criteria' option to provide the % of values to be matched.

To get idea on 'Candidate Selection', Download match transform 'Match transform Blueprints' provided by SAP and work on them.



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Hi Ken,

I agree with Arun.

May be you can take a try also :

1 Way- In Lookup_ext(), you have an option called Custom SQL, you can try with that and

2 Way - Just a guess, first apply normal lookup_ext() and and then when you find '=' sign ,just replace this with "like" operator. but again you can give one value (for example : where abc like '%abc%'), you can not give multiple value and may be you can take a chance with 'IN' operator.

Request you update the thread with your research


Shiva Sahu

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There is no match operator in lookup that help you.

You have to use a join instead of a lookup.