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Logs required for checkout functionality issue

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Hi All,

We are getting the issue when we are trying to checkout records in MDM.

We are getting popup box saying that "Database command execution error .A SQL statement failed to execute.The actual error

may have been written to a log file.Version 5.5 SP6(".

Some times we are getting the popup box saying that "The requested record was not found".

Anyway in both cases,we are solving the issue for timebeing by unloading and loading the repository with update indicies.

But the issue is repeating,we want to know the root cause for this to solve it permanently.

and we have opened the message for SAP but SAP asking me to provide logs to analyze the issue.

It is clear saying in the error "The actual error may have been written to a log file".

But i was not able to find the logs for the same.

Could you please tell me where excatly i can find the logs for the above issue?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Narendra,

DB server logs are written in Server logs.

You can navigate to ..\Server\Logs direcory on MDM server executable dir to view the logs.

Incase, if the path is different in your case(customised), pls check the actual path configured in MDS.ini - Log Dir configuration.


Vinay M.S

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Hello Narendra

My point of view - you have lost connection to SQL Server(this is Network connection problem)

For localize that errors you should use some changes to mds.ini file:

Extra DBConnection Validation = True

"Makes sure that the DBMS connection is live

prior to every DBMS request and silently restores it if

necessary. Useful for the small minority of MDM

installations where the network connection between the

MDM Server and the DBMS is unreliable and frequently

lost. Improves reliability but slows the MDM Server"

Log SQL Errors= True

"Adds SQL error info to the rolling log."

Log SQL Modifications=True

"Logs every SQL modification of the underlying

databases. Should be set to True only at SAP request since

this generates a huge amount of rolling log info and slows

the MDM Server."

Log files you can get from SAP MDM Console

or from "Logs" directory SAP MDM Server



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