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Logout followed by immediate Login not working.

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Hi All,

I have a component where we logout a named (anonymous) user, followed by an immediate Login by passing the userName in the header of the request sent to Portal.

We have configured header based authentication. The Logout is done using the following code

IAuthentication auth = UMFactory.getAuthenticator();

Now what we are noticing is that this seems to work most of the times, except that at few times(5-7%) we get the following error.

<i> Cannot associate security session when the http session has already another security session associated. Logout first. Http session id is [(J2EE31487700)ID0911824150DB10419142157184831361End]. Security session in the http session is [session (230799) for namedAnonymous created at Wed Dec 06 13:38:36 EST 2006]. Security session in thread is [session (231975) for userName created at Wed Dec 06 13:52:32 EST 2006].</i>

I would highly appreciate if somebody can help me what might be going wrong. This is only happening in the producton cluster environment and not really on a single server environment.

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I have not done any code development work!, just let me guess what could be the reason for that exception.

i guess the server node would be holding some active session of that user(not properly terminated) when you encounter that error.

when you encounter that error, just check active sessions on that node & do same stuff when you not get that error.

how to check active login session

go to Visual Admin > Server >services> > security providrer > runtime tab > login Session tab



> Go to Monitoring > Java System Reports > "Reports" tab > select the view "Current Aivities"


Shridhar Gowda

p.s : reward points if it helps.