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Logon to SAP with a PDA

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Hello, i actually create a BSP application for mobile clients. The application is almost finished, ut i´ve still problems with the logon.

In the moment i use a non SAP website to log on.

<form method="POST"
<td> USER: </td>
<td><input type="text"     name="sap-user"></td>
<td> PW: </td>
<td><input type="password"     name="sap-password"></td>

Like McKellar and Jung discribed in their book "Advanced BSP Programming". All works fine. I call this page enter my username and password and click the button. In the next moment the fist BSP site is shown. Here i can make entries and some db selections, but when i want to move on to the next page of the BSP there is an error. SAP wants me to logon again. Can s.o. tell me my mistake ?

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<i><b>SAP wants me to logon again</b></i>

can you check whether its happenning only in mobile client on in normal pc as well.

possible reason could be that SSO2 is not configured. or SSO2 cookie is not getting created in the client. run system/sso2test.htm to analyse the same.



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Hello Raja,

yes it´s also in the normal pc.

I tried the sso2 test application and it failed. so i think i have to configure sso2.

i think i have to trie to configure sso2.