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Logon Process?

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I am somehow confused with the Logon Process in EP. I will put down what I understood. please correct me if I am wrong.

1. when the user clicks on http://.../irj depending on the path in index.html in root folder, it gets redirected to ( or .default)

2. say for example it redirected to

3. I dont know what happens here internally in this portal.navigation.portallauncher.default, but somehow got a feeling that it contacts Authschemes.xml at this point and calls the correspodning authscheme (let us say be default "" )

is this process correct? if not please correct me.

ok, now if i create an iview based on logon.par and place it on a page.

1. will come into picture at all?

2. should i change the authschemes.xml, if so when will this be invoked.

could some one clarify how these terms are interlinked

1. authschemes.xml



4. http://.../irj

5. index.html in root folder.

Thank you

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Hi Reed,

I hope this link to the Documentation: <a href="">Authentication on the J2EE Engine</a> helps you.