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Logon Par File Customization Issue...

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I have never worked on logon par file customization. Yesterday I tried but failed. Below are the steps what I did..

1. Downloaded the .par file from server

2. Imported that par file in NWDS.

3. Made some changes in umLogonTopArea.txt file.

4. Saved the changes.

5. Then I right clicked on project -- Export -- par file and Saved the par file under that folder.

6. Then I copied this new file and pasted under pcd folder on server and restarted the server.

But I got error message : Portal runtime error on Logon page. Then I again pasted the old Par file in Pcd folder and restarted the server and it worked fine.

My point is : What are the steps I missed ? Why I got this error and what are the exact steps for changing something in Logon par file and again Upload the par file on server ?

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Hi ,

Make sure when you deploy the par file , it should have the same name as the one mentioned in the authscheme.xml file . By default , while deploying you will see that it bears the name of the project itself . I had faced a similar issue , rest of the steps looks okay to me .



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When you imported the PAR in to NWDS I guess the compiled Libraries not came through.

After you exported these libraries where missing therefore it doesnt work.

Just unzip the PAR and look at the libaries and import them in the same folder in NWDS.

Then make the changes and Export again, see if it works.

FYI --> This question is answered already multiple times in this forum the last few years, so if you need more details pleas look back in the already answered threads of SDN.


Benjamin Houttuin

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Baby was quicker in hitting the post button

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I think you are not imported necessary jar files in to the project library folders.

There is no need of any restart. Even you can preview your logon page from NWDS, by runniing the default component from portalapp.xml file.

Can u explain the step6.

There is lots of blogs on the same top. Please refer them

Please go through. []

Also chk [;



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Hi Baby,

Stpe 6 : After saving this par file in NWDS, I exported it as a new par file with the same name. Then I copied this new file , and pasted under PCD folder with .par extension and removed the old par file. But i got error message with this par file.

Hi Benjamin,

I didnt get any good thread for my issue, and thats why I wanted to create a new thread.

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if you are refering... []

then no need to use NWDS. You can direcly edit the par file and replace the orginal one. (Open with WINRAR)

For small changes ... like changing text file... its fine.


The other option is using NWDS, for modification in jsp codes.

Here no need of step 6. If you are exporting the par file with the same name from NWDS, it will replace the orginal with the new one.

It is better to rename the par in to new name while importing to NWDS. SO you can keep the orginal intact.

While importing the lib files will not get imported automatically into your project. You have to open the downloaded par with WInRAR find the lib files inside it and place in appropriate location in NWDS Project. Ref the blogs.

You can test the newely created par file direclty from NWDS. From portalapp.xml Have tried that?

If it is working fine from here you can configure portal to use this new par file as your logon par in authscheme.xml.



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Hi Nikesh,

Please see these blogs for step-by-step procedure of customizing the logon file;jsessionid=(J2EE3417300)ID1575932450DB11752685268715525079End...;jsessionid=(J2EE3417300)ID1575932450DB11752685268715525079End...

Also, you can find a lot of links abt the missing jar files (lib folder) when you import the par file. You can unzip the par file, extract the contents, locate the respective jar file and it;s path and copy the same to the path for your project in NWDS.

Please let me know if you face further issues.


Nikhil Bansal