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Logon Page - Trademark text and background color

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Hi Guys,

I just customized the Logon Page of the Portal successfully. The only two things which are missing are the trademark as well as a new background color. So ... can anybody tell how to:

1. Change the SAP Trademark text in the Logon Page?

2. Change the background color of the background page?

Hopefully I can do it in the portal. Thanks for your answers and your help.

Best regards


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Answers (2)

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can u send ur mail id , i can send code snippet.



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The standard logon component containing the code and resources used by the logon screens is shipped in a portal archive (PAR) file named

Import the par file as a project in NWDS. Browse through the tree structure of the project. In the PORTAL-INF folder, various jsps are available.










Inorder to change the images, text in the logon page you need to edit Files 1,8,9

The SAP logo is referenced in umLogonBotArea.txt as sapLogo.gif.

The branding image branding-image.jpg is referenced in umLogonBotArea.txt.

Edit the images name in these files and put your new images in the layout folder of the project.

If u want to remove the " register now" option in the logon screen, remove the self registration tag in the umLogonPage.jsp



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thanks for your answer! As I am only testing in the sandbox I do not want to do it with the par.file modification (as i have to restart the webas), but only want to change it manually. For example I changed branding-text and branding-image only in the folder structure and it worked. Is there an as easy way for trademark text and background color?

Any ideas?

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In addition to the tips you already got from the other members...

1. The Background colour is the background colour that is defined in the theme assigned in the Default Portal Desktop (defaultDesktop) that is located in the folder: pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/. By default the Tradeshow theme is selected in this desktop if you create your own theme and assign it to this desktop and set it as default then the background colour of your theme will be the background colour visible in the login page....

2. The Trademark text is a "Locale text" this means that the strin is not visible in the code but referenced by a variable based on the language of the browser. You can find this copywrite text in the following location:

a. Download the file from your Portal

b. Import it in NWDS or unzip it.

c. inside the structure look for the folder PORTAL-INF\lib

d. there is a .jar file called umelogonbase.jar. extract this file with winzip

e. inside the structure you now see allot of .properties files.. look for the loginLabels_<yourcountrycode>.properties and inside this file look for the variable called "COPY_RIGHT" there you can edit it.

f. do this for all the languages you need and create a new par file again in your customer namespace so that you don't overwrite the one from SAP.

Good Luck,

Benjamin Houttuin