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Logo printing in smartform

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Hi all,

I need a clarification regarding the logo printing in a smartform.

The logo which we specify in a smartform is it necessary that it should be available in SE78 or is there any other way to store the images like a URL and print in the smartform.

Is it possible to display the logo from the MIME repository on the Smartform.

any pointers on this will be very useful.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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It is a long time ago i used it for the last time, but it is possible to store graphics in SO10.

I only have used it for sapscript, but you can use SO10 items also with Smartforms so i suppose

it will also work for smartforms too.

I hope it helps you.

Gr., Frank

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Hi Frank,

As far as i know SO10 transaction is for maintaining standard text objects.

Is it possible to maintain images through it? kindly explain the procedure of how to upload an image through SO10.



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Start SO10.

enter some names and CREATE.

Then INSERT--> GRAPHICS (the blue menu upside)

There you have 2 tabs.

Stored on ducmentserver (i think that is the same as SE78)

I used the second tab. Stored as text (it really works)

You can import your graphics there.

There is also another way for you. I have only a example description in dutch

so i will do it very short in English

save your logo in TIFF format (with eg. MS photo editor)



File D:/Wou/LOGO

Type (BMON=z/w,BCOL=kleur) BMON


Textt-ID ST

Text language NL

Texttitle blablabla

Line length for text 132

number of greytones (2,4,9) 2

4. In sapscript

Create new window type CONST


Please note that if object name is not indicated as 'ZHEX...', the logo may not be printed!

If you need more info don't hesitate to contact

Gr. Frank

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As of my knowledge i don't think so we can use the logo from MIME repository to display in smartform.

We need to go with SE78 only.