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Login failed

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Hi SRM MDM Gurus,

I am working on SRM MDM Catalog 1.0.

I am able to login to http://<server>:<port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/ with user 'Master' having UI Configuration Manager roles (required to acces to the configuration options).

I can configure the Search UI (OCI mapping, customizing Catalog users).

I'm facing this problem. When I login to the http://<server>:<port>/SRM-MDM/SRM-MDM

using users with the Catalog user role i am getting "Login Failed" error.

On the whole i am unable to see the SRM MDM Webdynpro catalog.

What has to be done now?

Is there any bug in the SRM MDM Catalog?

I'll reward points for help

Thanks in advance


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Answers (4)

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Hi Gian,

just refer this link to access the catalog:

http://SRM Server:port no/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/bbpstart?sap-client=100

Use user id and pwd of EBP (Enterprise4 Buyer Professional) and then go to "shop" option and you will find a screen where you can see the link of SRM-MDM Catalog to access it.

Also check the parameters which you have configured in SRM while creating a External Web Service and ther you can check the details like user, pwd, mdm server name, port no if repository etc.

Hope this will help you...

If found helpfull then plz reward the points...



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Hi Gian,

1) You are configuiring with the "master" as user who is having the Role of config manager.You can use this user to configure the settings for the user with role as catalog Manager.

2) After you do the configuration you can set the user in the configurarion UI (which is on the start page of config UI) as the user you want to login with role as catalog manager.

But before goin through all this check the roles and user defined in the console.

this will help you .......

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Hey Gian,

Gian have u updated the host file on the MDM server by specifying the WAS ip address and its alias name.

As u said u are unable to see WebDynpro catalog and the problem u are facing is with http://<server>:<port>/SRM-MDM/SRM_MDM

It may arise due to following reasons

1.) The Web Application server version is not 7.0 (WAS 7.0) (The catalog Webdynpro content has few methods which won’t run in a WAS6.40 server)

2.) The SRM MDM Catalog and the SAP MDM Versions does not match

Go through the SAP Notes (1082069 and 1083126) for Version mapping of SAP MDM and SRM-MDM

This shud solve ur problem

Regards Tejas..............

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hi Gg,

I'm facing this problem. When I login to the http://<server>:<port>/SRM-MDM/SRM-MDM

just try using this:


u have only problem with config UI?

any problem let me know.


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