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Logfile Users Activity

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Can anybody tell me how can we see the log file of users activity in ther server ? If the server is restarted , then can we find the users activity before the server restarts ?

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I think it is quite difficult to see the user activity before the server is started (since it is not yet started)

What you could do when the server is started is have a look at the Security Provider Service in Visual Admin.

In the service choose the Login Sessions TAB and you will at least see all the active sessions.

You can also get the information about HTTP Sessions from the command line.

Connect to the Administration Port of your engine: (e.g. 50008) and login as Administrator or as a user with administrative rights:

Example for remote access:

telnet <yourhost> <your_admin_port>

Example for local access (when you are logged in on the Engine Machine)

telnet localhost <your_admin_port>

When logged in you will get a prompt

> lsc

> jump <ID e.g. 7102150>

=> ID has to be replaced by any server ID showed in the table when typing lsc (e.g. 7102150)

>You jumped on node 7102150.

>add servlet_jsp


UserName | Expire | Application


Administrator | 09:05 27/06/08 |


Total number of http sessions: 1

You will have to repeat this step for the other node if you have more than 1 to get the total number of http sessions.

Also see:

I wrote a little PERL Script for this purpose to use for monitoring and reporting purposes

If you have a portal you could use the Portal Activity Reporting to get information about your user activity.

Hope this helps


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To check the logs in SAP Java this is the location:


Through Visual Admin you can go:

Server --> Services --> Log Viewer

To configure various traces:

Server --> Services --> Log Configuration

And variuos communicaiton traces you can configure in:

Server -->Services --> JCO Rfc Provider --> Special Settings (For every RFC you create)

After restart, the logs would be there and also you can backup them.

Just explore Log Configuration. you can see that.