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'Log Version' status in 'SXMB_MONI' does not disappear

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Dear Experts,

In a synchronous scenario (SOAP to RFC) in 'SXMB_MONI' messages are sometimes in status "Log Version". This messages do not change status ever.

We usually do not have any problems with this interface, accept for that. Do you have any ideas/hints how can I avoid this status? FYI, in my RFC Adapter I'm not requesting any confirmations.


Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi experts,

I'm having the same problem on my system, we work with synchronous messages (RFC's) in a SOAP-XI-RFC scenario..

Only one if this messages is not executing properly, when we call this RFC we see a grey circle on SXMB_MONI with status 'Log version' after this message we see two more error messages (RFC_ADAPTER and MESSAGE_MAPPING)..

We work with XI 3.0 SP14.

Does anyone know why is this Log version message displayed??

Thanks in advance.

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for Information about this error see Note 930181.

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Hi Haiko,

thanks for the info. When I search for the mentioned note, I get the following message: "Note 930181 is not released."

Is there a typo in the number?



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I think this is one of the situations where you - unfortunately - have to wait until SAP will release this note for the rest of the world.

Maybe Haiko can give you a brief preview of the content of this note.



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hi @all,

ok i've seen that this note ist not avail.

I've the note in our SNOTE with this German text:



Es sind synchrone Messages mit einem Message-Status von 001 in der Datenbank

persistiert. Dies kann z.B. durch das Loggen von synchronen Messages geschehen. Diese

Messages werden durch den Löschjob nicht gelöscht.

Weitere Begriffe

Löschen, synchrone Messages, Messages-Status,

Ursache und Voraussetzungen

Verwenden der Exchange Infrastruktur


Spielen Sie die beiliegende Korrekturanleitung oder das unten genannte Support Package


Gültige Releases

Integration Server


SAP Basiskomponente



but i think there's a problem with Releases under sp16 ! This note was ONLY available for SAPKB64016 or SAPKB70006.

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Now will be the note available for all. We have tested this note with sp15 and it works