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Log Operation at offset ... has bad data at offset ...

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Hello, I am running a dbtran on the current IQ log file and it fails at 39% with this error. I am not finding any documentation on this error. Anyone know how it should be handled?

On a related matter, I am running dbtran to look at recent transactions, and it seems to start at the beginning. Is there a way to use dbtran to look at only transactions within the last 24 hours by example?

I am running:

dbtran -c -k "uid=xxx;pwd=xxx;eng=xxx" - n Logfile.txt

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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Are you looking at catalog transactions or want to see IQ transactions.  You may want to look instead into the -z options of the server configuration.

The catalog .log will only show transactions related to catalog operations.

If it turns out you are looking only for IQ-related DML, you may want to use the -z options and just truncate the .log.


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Hi David,

This looks like a catalog transaction log corruption.

Try options to generate a subset using filtering options like -f, -it , -j :

dbtran Database Administration Utility - Administration: Database - SAP Library

In this specific context, you'd also need check the database consistency using dbvalid utility and sp_iqcheckdb stored procedure:

dbvalid Database Administration Utility - Utility Guide - SAP Library

The sp_iqcheckdb Stored Procedure - SAP IQ Backup, Restore, and Data Recovery - SAP Library