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LOG_MM_OM_1 activation not available

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Hi All,

I am trying to activate the business function LOG_MM_OM_1 (Outsourced Manufacturing) on ECC6.0SR3 SP14, it is not EHP4. If i go through the SFW5 t-code it's not showing the Logistics components.

How to active this component,please suggest me.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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i guess you need EHP4:

ECC6 SR1 (no ehp)



and in EHP4 it is available , in SR1 its not, I guess you have to upgrade !

release info:

Short text

LOG_MM_OM_1: Business Function Outsourced Manufacturing (New)


As of SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP_APPL 604), you can use the business function Outsourced Manufacturing (LOG_MM_CI_1). This business function enables you to structure your subcontracting processes more efficiently.

In particular, brand manufacturers use subcontractors to produce their products. This SAP solution supports all of the essential aspects of you subcontracting process. Process steps are clearly represented through the integration of SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) and SAP ERP Production Planning (PP), making it easier to monitor your production process.

The following functions are provide in this business function:

Subcontracting Cockpit

You can use this cockpit to process your subcontracting processes centrally. Here you find all necessary functions in one central location. You also have access to the corresponding follow-up documents. The user-friendly interface enables you to quickly obtain an overview of the current status of your subcontracting orders.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Subcontracting Cockpit (New)

New Movement Types for Subcontracting

The new movement types make it easier to track you subcontracting components. In addition, several business processes are combined.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Stock in Transfer for Subcontractor and Customer Consignment (New)

and LOG_MM_OM_1: One-Step Stock Transfer for Subcontracting (New)

Scrap Report

You can use this report to gain an overview of the relationship between current subcontracting component consumption and planned consumption, and an overview of the corresponding scrap.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Scrap Report for Subcontract Order (New)

Subcontract Orders and Production Orders in CO

You can now link the subcontract order to the work order in SAP SNC, and to product cost controlling. You can use the component consumption history to monitor component consumption and your vendor's production in a timely manner. This gives you a consistent view and a correct valuation of your stock.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Subcontract and CO Production Orders (New)

New Fields for Data Transfer

For stock in transfer and batch individual stock, new fields are provided for the transfer of data from SAP ERP to SAP SNC.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Fields for Data Transfer from SAP ERP to SAP SNC (New)

Transfer of AMPL with CIF

You can now transfer data from the approved manufacturer parts list (AMPL) to SAP SNC using the Core Interface (CIF).

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Transfer of AMPL with Core Interface (CIF) (New)

Subcontracting Components in Inbound Deliveries

During goods receipt, subcontractors can specify which components they have used in the production of a certain product. This enables brand manufacturers to track the components that are processed for their product at the component level and at the batch level.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Subcontracting Components in Inbound Deliveries (New)

Enhancements in Production Planning

The integration of production planning enables you to use WIP batches for outsourced operations, thereby enabling you to enjoy the benefits of timely cost calculation. In addition, you always have up-to-date information about your batches.

For more information, see LOG_MM_OM_1: Enhancements in Production Planning (New)

Effects on System Administration

If you want to use the joint production scenario with SAP SNC, you must also activate the Operations, Enterprise Services (LOG_ESOA_OPS_2) and Operations, Enterprise Services (ESOA_OPS01) business functions.

If you want to use enhanced batch tracking for external production orders, you must activate the Work in Progress-Charge (LOG_PP_WIP_BATCH) business function. You must then set the relevant indicator in Customizing by choosing Logistics General -> Batch Management -> WIP Batches -> Activate WIP Batch. In Customizing for Production Control, you must also set up a confirmation profile, by choosing Operations -> Confirmation -> Define Single Screen Entry. To do this, you include the required fields in the WIP Batches area. You must either define the profile as a standard profile, or you must assign it to the users using the CORUPROF user parameter. For more information, see Release Information for WIP Batches.

Effects on Customizing

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are provided for customer-specific adjustments to some functions. For more information about Customizing settings, see the release information for the individual function areas.

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Hi Sridhar,

Please refer below link that brief you on activating diff. services

For details on concept refer below