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LOCL printing displaying Frontend unavailable

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We have had different users on different sap gui and OS versions with the same problem. They are using LOCL to print through Windows. LOCL has been working for years until recently. LOCL is set up as device type G. Several users use LOCL and the windows print dialog box does not show. Going into SP02 it shows 'Frontend unavailable'. However selecting this print job and choosing print directly always brings up the print dialog box again and prints fine. We are running the spool clean up job and only keeping 1 days worth of spools. Printing to other SAP network printers (not LOCL) all work fine. We have 1 SPO instance in each of our 2 application servers. Regardless of application server some users still have to go into SP02 to print their LOCL job.

I am at a loss where else to check. It does not happen every time, to all users, and they are using different tcodes. There are no related errors in ST22 or SM21

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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