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Localization of Error messages based on user choice

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I have a requirement in which user has to have the facility to select the Locale/Language of the form validation message from a combo; and error message will be displayed to the user in that locale/language only. Note that this locale is not related to Portal Locale/language, but a user chosen locale/language.

I have stored the messages in a message pool in the default locale (i.e. English). These messages are a mixture of type "error", "warning", "text" and "success".

Please, someone tell me if this is supported or not, and how to achieve this? A tutorial would be of much help.

I do not have any requirement to localize the labels, texts, etc. - only the error messages that I display with  wdComponentAPI.reportContextAttributeMessage. I am on NW 7.2.

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i think you have to manually to handle this case.