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Local currency in the Sales InfoCube 0SD_C03 with use of the currency type (0CURTYPE)

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Hi experts,

I have migrated the 3.x Dataflow of InfoCube 0SD_C03 (Sales Overview) into the 7.x Dataflow and modeling the Dataflow according to LSA Principles.

Now my Dataflow look like this:

1. Sales Document Header Level: DataSource 2LIS_11_VHDR -> InfoSource ZLIS_11_VHDR -> DSO ZSD_O01 -> InfoCube ZSD_C03 -> MultiProvider ZSD_M03

2. Sales Document Item Level: DataSource 2LIS_11_VAITM -> InfoSource ZLIS_11_VAITM -> DSO ZSD_O02 -> InfoCube ZSD_C03 -> MultiProvider ZSD_M03

3. ...

4. ...

5. ...

6. Billing Document Header Level: DataSource 2LIS_13_VDHDR -> InfoSource ZLIS_13_VDHDR -> DSO ZSD_O06 -> InfoCube ZSD_C03 -> MultiProvider ZSD_M03

7. Billing Docuemtn Item Level: DataSource 2LIS_13_VDITM -> InfoSource ZLIS_13_VDITM -> DSO ZSD_O07 -> InfoCube ZSD_C03 -> MultiProvider ZSD_M03

In the standard InfoCube 0SD_C03 all key figures are in statistical currency unit (in my scenario EUR).

Now in addition to the statistical currency, I would like to realize the currency translation in local currency (each company code/sales organization). I want to offer the character 0CURTYPE (currency type) to filter the data records in the BEx Query and differentiate between statistical currency (0CURTYPE = B0) and local currency (0CURTYPE = 10).


My advance considerations are:

1. account model -> Creating an second InfoCube (Copy of ZSD_C03) and add the characteristic 0CURTYPE to both InfoCubes and set a constant '10' and 'B0' each InfoCube. With the help of the MultiProvider as the source of the BEx Queries I can offer the selection between both curtypes.

2. account model -> Creating 7 rule groups (each DSO) in addition to the standard rule group between the 7 DSO´s and the InfoCube ZSD_C03 and add the characteristic 0CURTYPE each rule...

3. Further proposals to use the characteristic 0CURTYPE and the account model???   

I have found the following scn-thread

This scn-thread discusses the currency translation in the InfoCube 0SD_C03 with aid of the key figure model. But I want to use the characteristic 0CURTYPE to different between the boths currencies (local vs. statistical currency). So I want to use the account model.

Any ideas, experiences or best practices for my intentions?

Many thanks in advance

Best regards,


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Any suggestions?