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Loading "Zxing-cpp library and opencv library from server" takes time - when we load fiori/UI5 APP

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I'm using ndc barcode library for scanning in Fiori APP.

Whenever I launch the APP, initially the pop shows (Loading Zxing-cpp library and opencv library from server) loading takes some time in very few cases. But Im not facing this issue every times, in some cases library runs fastly and very few cases it is taking time.

Note : Iam facing this issue only when Iam launch/loading the APP. Once App launched successfully. I dont have any issue with barcode logic.

How can we fix this issue ?

Could you please help me..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi madhava_munagala ,

the popup is there because the library is quiet large and the loading can take some time.
After you loaded the app the libraries are in the cache and not loaded via network again.

So, this is not an error but behaves as expected.


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Hi 20eed143c19f4b82bc4cf049916102cb,

Thanks for the confirmation !...


Madhava Teja

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