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loading masterdata texts

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Hello BW experts,

I have a problem with loading the texts for info source 0ACCOUNT_TEXT... It just doesn't upload the text to the text table of the info object (0ACCOUNT)...

When looking in the relevant extractor (ECPCA_BIW_GET_ACCT_TEXT) I notice that the tables of origin are SKAT and CSKU... In both of these tables (one is GL accounts and one is cost elements) I find plenty of texts... However, in RSA3, nothing is selected...

Could you please help out with this?

Thanks a lot!!!

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear Fredrik,

there is oss note for this

note 883241:

Text DataSource no longer extracts data Hilfe

SAP-Hinweisnummer Hinweissprache DEEN Versionsübersicht 24

Drucken SSCR Download

Text Kopfdaten Release Korrekturanleitung Support Packages >>


The extraction from a text DataSource no longer returns data, and the extractor checker does not display any data either. However, there are valid texts in the master data table in the source system.

Other terms

OLTP, extractor, data extraction, DataSource, Service API, SAPI

Reason and Prerequisites

This problem is caused by a program error that only affects certain text DataSources. More specifically, it affects DataSources that still have a reference to an info object due to the upward compatibility to BW 1.2. The DataSources concerned can be identified technically by the fact that in the ROOSOURCE table, the column TYPE = 'TEXT' and the BASOSOURCE column is not initial.


You need Service API 7.00 Support Package 06 to correct the problem in the affected source system. The attached composite SAP note provides information about which software components contain Service API 7.0, and gives the names of the corresponding Support Packages of these components.

Alternatively, you can also implement the attached advance correction. However, the advance correction is a correction to a template that is used as a template for generating the extraction program. Therefore, also refer to Note 170595 when you are implementing the advance correction.

In the BW system, you only need to implement the correction if the BW system is affected in its role as source system for itself (Myself connection) or for a further BW system.

Note: Service API is an internal component. It is not delivered separately but as part of other software components: PI, CRM, PI_BASIS and others. A composite SAP note is therefore created for each SAPI correction note, and this describes which Support Packages of the software components mentioned above contain the SAPI correction. The composite note is only released on the release date of the corresponding SAPI Support Packages. Various SAPI versions are delivered for Basis Releases 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.6D 6.20 and 6.40. The version for 4.0B is also valid for R/3 Releases 4.6B and 4.6C.

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Thanks!!!!! I've implmented the note and it works fine!


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