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loading errors!

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My Int data load for a BW stat cube got failed with error 'caller 70' is missing. This is a production issues. I checked my ST22 and got the following details;


Internal error when accessing a table.




Client................ 100

User.................. "PUBLIC"

Language key....... ..."E"

Transaction............" "

Program............... "SAPLSDCL "

Screen.............. .."SAPMHTTP 0010

Row in Screen..........2

I checked the OSS note 828516 the error is same but the program is different in the OSS note.

Does anyone have this situation! Do you think it would solve the problems If I scheduled the job with PSA and update to targets!.. I had set the runtime for 6 hrs in the Infopackage itself.because I got runtime error 'time out' in my first load. Help me here.

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Answers (3)

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This is a very generic error message. I once got this and I was running a cube load through process chain . I had to include 'generate index ' and 'Create Index' variants in the process chain to fix it.

Can you give more details by going to the package monitor screen.

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The link might be wrong.. once again sending u the link



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hi nitik

caller 70 missing error might occur cos of so many reason. Timeout is one of the reason for that. Even some dumps while processing also might leads to the problem. Infact when i phased this error last time i had posted it here in SDN and u can have a look into this

For me what exactly was the problem i dont remember.. but i solved it using further manual update, since the load was through PSA.

If you still be not able to solve the problem, pls post it again. Will further investigate