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Loading data from Z table to an ODS in BW/BI

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Hello Gurus,

Can some one guide me how do I load data from a Z table which exists in the same BI system into an ODS/DSO. I'm working on a 04S system.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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hi Prasanth

u r using generic extraction method to load data from R/3 to BW server

u can use

T.Code SBIW or RSO2 to create Generic DataSource.

step 1- logon to R/3 system

step2 - check data in table

for this use t.code se11.

Db table name --- ZXXXXX.

1. select " Display " button.

2. select " contents"(shftctrlf11).--->execute.

*step-3 *- create generic datasource for trasactiona data

 enter t.code- rso2

 select -

zXXXXX.(specify ur datasource name to create a new one).

 select create icon.

 appl.. component --- (browse and choose ur application component)(EX- sd).

 Extration from DBView"

 table/view---zXXXXX(give ur ztable name).

 text----give sht .des, m.des, L .des.......... for u data source.

 Select “generic delta” option in toolbar.

 Give delta specific field

 Field name---- (ex- pid)

• Select any radio button(ex-numeric pointer).

 Settings— “additive delta” radio button( for delta loads from ods to i.cube).

 Select “save” “save” .

 Package -

some package name.

 Save

 Continiue

 Coustomize the datasource by seleting “ selection “ check boxes for fields.

 Save

 MSg:- datasource hve been created.

SAP BW side:

Step :1

Enter t.code rsa13.

 Identify R/3 source system icon.

 Double click on R/3 s . system.

 Expand BW datasource

 Expand sap Appl. Comp..

 Select ur application component( for Ex- SD).

 Context menu -- replicate datasource

 Refresh tree once the replication is complete.

 Find ur datasource.

 Double click on data source icon { this implies data source is not assigned).

 Context menu

 Assign infosource..

 i.source assignment:

o select “others” radio button

o and select option”create”.

 Flexible update.-------XXXXX

 Des----XXXXXX

 Continue

 Create I.Obj w .r t r/3 s.s fields.

 Assign the I.Obj to the fields of r/3 respectively.

 Enter 0RECORDMODE in comm.. structure.

 Activate

 create ODS obj and create structure and activate

 create update rules for Ods object with reference to i.source. and activate.

 Create infopackage and schedule data…….and monitor the data in psa and ods objects tables.

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Hi Prashanth,

You can use a generic datasource. Here are the steps (in general). This assumes that you have already created an ODS:

1) Create a generic datasource in transaction RSO2. You can base your datasource from your Z-table.

2) Create a transformation rule between the datasource that you created in Step 1 and your ODS.

3) Create a DTP (right click your ODS and select Create a DTP)

4) Create an InfoPackage

5) Run your InfoPackage and then your DTP.

Hope this helps.

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You could create Generic Data Store in BI System