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Loading data from Flat file to Staging table

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Hi ,

what is the best way in BODS to load bulk data from flat file to staging table in very less time?.

I am using Flat File--->Query--->Staging table in Job with bulk load option checked,Source file has 83 Column and 3 millions records its taking 15 min to load the data.

Any other suggestion for this?.



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Answers (3)

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You'll first have to find out where the bottleneck is. Chances are high it's your input file (you can find out by not writing anything to the the db and compare execution times).

If that's really the case, none of the proposed actions (db loaders, DOP, commit size) will work. Your file is read sequentially anyway, only a faster disk will help.

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Hi Amit,

Try this

1) increasing DOP (Degree of parallelism). You will find this in Dataflow properties.

2) Increase rows per commit in the target table options.


Ravi kiran.

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Try changing the Number of default loader.You will find this option in the target table if you double click on it.A value >1 will enable parallel load

you can also check the below link.

The Impact of Number of Loaders - Enterprise Information Management - SCN Wiki