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load_systab ... unexpected Error -7500

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I have moved / renamed a LiveCache to a new server,

Offlinebackup, install LC, restore backup....

Tested the LC, DBMGUI shows NO errors. and the LC is running ok.

As last step, I perform the load_systab but this return this error:

server:ls4adm 14> dbmcli -d LS4 -u control,control
dbmcli on LS4>load_systab -u superdba,admin -ud LS4

-24964,ERR_EXECUTE: error in program execution
1024,/sapdb/LS4/db/bin/x_python /sapdb/LS4/db/env/ -d LS4 -u superdba,* -dompwd LS4 en ENG
unexpected Error -7500
  File "/sapdb/LS4/db/env/", line 280, in connectAndInstall
    installRoutine (session, options)
  File "/sapdb/LS4/db/env/", line 65, in install
    stopIfSqlNotOK (session, """CREATE PACKAGE SYS_DDL_PACKAGE AS 'liveCache.dbpInstall.V72' INPROC""")
  File "/sapdb/LS4/db/env/", line 75, in stopIfSqlNotOK
    stopInstall (session, err.sqlCode)
  File "/sapdb/LS4/db/env/", line 90, in stopInstall
    fatalError ('unexpected Error ' + `err`)
  File "/sapdb/LS4/db/env/", line 169, in fatalError
    sys.exit (2)
exceptions.SystemExit: 2

I have checked file permissions and paths.. everything seems OK.

Could it be something as simple as an environment parameter? (I've tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...lib64 although this dident help, and I dont believe it nessesary)

LiveCache is


any advice appreciated


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Emil,

please check if note 418248 solves your problem.

Otherwise please open a OSS message that we can analyze this problem further.

Kind regards,

Melanie Handreck

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Unfortunately updating the Registry file with the information did not help.

I will create a OSS.

Best Regards - Emil

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Fixed by installing LC from APO 30A SR3 (LC and patching to - drop instance, restored with changed LC name and this time load_systab worked fine.

Best Regards - Emil

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