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Load Report Failure

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We are using Crystal Report XI Developer full product. We have been able to access our report on the server successfully, until a week ago a "Load Report Failure" started bugging us.

In order to fix this issue, we do either one of the following two steps:

1) We have just re-apply the permissions of the folder "Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files on the server", and the report gets fixed

  Note: We do not add new permissions, we just open the security tab, change few settings, revert back to the original settings and just apply.

2) We recycle the app pool in IIS linked to our application

The above change is not a permanent fix, we are doing it every time the report fails. However we do not know the actual/root cause of this, therefore would like to know what could be the possible causes leading to this Report Failure

On server we have OS : Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Service Pack2

I have checked the memory and there is ample space left in the C: Drive

Please help us on this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check the Event Viewer and see the cause of the Recycle.

Change the Recycle time to a specific time each day - that will allow you to control when the application pool recycles, i.e. configure this to a quiet time

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying.

We are not sure if recycling is causing the problem, instead we recycle the app pool to fix the issue.

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I saw the logs... and found the issue occurs when NETWORK SERVICE logon./logoff with event id 552.

Any ideas?

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See Reference Links:  Crystal Reports: Fix for "Load report failed" error. - CodeProject

Restart your IIS or Give write permission to temp folder for iis user, current user..

Please check the above all options definitely helpful.



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