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Load Report Failed error sporadically shows up

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Hi all,

I have written an web site (CR2008 sp2.5, .net3.5, VS2008, running on winServ2003 hitting an Oracle 10g database) that does nothing but dish out reports for users. I built in the member/role security, which works fine, and different sections have a "frmReportViewer.aspx" file that has a crystal report viewer control in it.

Based on a querystring parameter, the report will load the correct rpt to the control on the page.

here's the problem.: sometimes when loading a report, it instantly comes back with "LOAD REPORT FAILED". Sometimes, you can close the window, click the link again, and it will work fine. Sometimes, if the report does load, then if i try to drill down into a group, it will tell me "no valid report source is available" in a little ajax-style dialog box in the report.

My main question is....why does this work sometimes? this instability will make this project go down the tubes (along with my job perhaps)....I showed my company what CAN be done, now i need to make it RUN LIKE IT SHOULD!



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Make sure you are disposing and closing the report object;



once you are done with it.

Also, search the kbase for the error:

Kbases / Notes 1218766, 1217643 would be a sampling of what you'll find there.

From your description, it is not clear if this occurs under heavier loads. If it is, increasing the allowed print job count may help. For more details see [this|] article.


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well, this is a problem that cascades from another problem

i would love to do this:



but my page_unload gets fired even when the page is loading, when clicking on a group tree for drilldown, and more...

so if i put that in the page_unload, it will get set as soon as i come into the page, and report wont load.

chicken and egg