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Load of Infoprovider by Transformation - Source: Query

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Hello Colleagues,

I try to create a new transformation. The source has to be a query. So I select "Query Elem" and use the F4 help. There is my newly created Query.

But each time I try to accept an error occurs with this statement:

Transformation does not exist (see long text)

Message no. RSTRAN010


The transformation specified by transformation ID , source  and target , does not exist.

This is a stupid error message as try to create exactly that transformation. Has anyone an idea? Within the OSS I couldn't a hint on this.

Any help is kindly appreciated.

Kind regards,


PS: Our system: BW on HANA 7.3 SP08

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Post this question in

Are you trying to create APD by based on your Query? How are you able to see Query elements as Source while creating transformation?

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Hi Suman,

I assume that this came with BW Systems release 7.3 but I'm not sure. Nevertheless it is possible to create transformations and DTPs directly on Query Elements.

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If you mark "query as infoprovider" in RSRT query properties, you can use it as infoprovider.

Please see the following link for restrictions: