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Load into PSA, then into target - in process chains

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I have a question regarding first loading into PSA, then into target - using process chains

It can be done by executing a package only loading into PSA. Then using the process type "Read PSA and Update Data Target".

My problem is, that I want to split this into two seperate chains. I.e. loading all data into PSAs before loading into targets. But when I do these two tasks in seperate chains I get a syntax error shown below. Can it really be true, that you are not able to do this in seperate chains???



Process LOADING variant ZPAK_3WI2VMPZM3FE8Y1ELC0TKQHW7 is referenced but is not in the chain

Message no. RSPC060


Process LOADING, variant ZPAK_3WI2VMPZM3FE8Y1ELC0TKQHW7 must precede the current process. This process is not however available in the chain.

System response

The system is unable to activate the chain.


Change the current process so that it no longer references LOADING ZPAK_3WI2VMPZM3FE8Y1ELC0TKQHW7, or schedule process LOADING ZPAK_3WI2VMPZM3FE8Y1ELC0TKQHW7 in the chain so that it precedes the current process.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Karsten

I've discussed this with SAP and even if the response was not clear, it doesn't seem to be possible. We also wanted to do this because we have source system working 24h/24 and 7/7. So as master data and tx data can be created at any time, it was the only way to make sure all master data were available for the load of tx data (loading tx data in PSA, then loading master data, then PSA to target). Is it for the same reason that you want to dissociate the loads ?

What I've done eventually is load in an ODS not BEX relevant (so SID not required), no master check in IP, so the ODS is like the PSA. Then load master data, activate. Then load from this ODS to target. It's working fine. I do not reconsidere changing this.

Good luck


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Thanks for your answer Phillippe

This is also the conclusion I came to. Although I don't see the purpose of this restriction.

And yes we have the same reason as you for wanting to.

We made the approach of simply doing the PSA loading and the updating from PSAs in the same chain. Our loads also run 24/7 but is fragmented such that we do not need to load EVERYTHING into PSAs at once. So this is a feasible (but not optimal) solution.



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