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LO Extraction

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Hi ,

In LO Extraction Some Key fig values are in PSA , But not in cube , So i went to update ruke of Info cube and changed the Radio Button to Source Key Fig and selectec correct info object for that Now the data comes into cube .

When i do changes like this to Key Fig like

" Gross Weight In Kg '. and make source key fig to

0GROSS_WGT . In update rule changes to RED . So i cannt activate , So i could get data in Cube , But it is in PSA and in SETUP Tables ..


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Hi Shiba,

This is not a LO probelm, but the proper mapping of update rules to your target. The red traffic light in update rules suggest that out of the available characteristics(including time characteristic), some info objects are not mapped for that update rule.

So have a recheck on the rule for populating the key figure and if every mapping in correct then the traffic light automatically converts to green.