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lo extraction

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hi everybody,

can anyone kindly give me the links to all weblogs OF ROBERT NEGRO about LO COCKPIT EXTRACTION AND COPA EXTRACTION.





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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hope it helps!



(anyway, you can reach everything through my business card)

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Answers (2)

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Your comments on LO Extraction Steps is one of the best notes I have ever came across. Thanks for sharing your view.

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Hi Neelkamal

<u><b> LO-EXTRACTION</b></u>

• T-Code: LBWE

• First we need to check which data source suits the client’s requirements in LBWE.

• Check whether it is in Active version/Modified version. If it is in M version go to RSA5 and select our data source and press on Transfer. Then go to RSA6 and see whether the datsource is been transferred.

• If the datasource is already in active version then we need to check whether the datsource is already extracting data in to BW.

• If the datasource is extracting the data then we need to check the data existence in Setup tables (use SE11 to check the setup tables data. For every extract structure one and only one setup table is generated whose technical name is Extract structure name+ setup, for eg. If extract structure name is MC11VAOHDR then set up tables name is MC11VAOHDRSETUP) and Extraction Queue (LBWQ) and Update tables(SM13) and Delta Queue (RSA7). If data exists in any of these T-codes we need to decide whether we need the data in BW or not. If we need the extract it as we do in LO-Extraction below. I f we don’t need delete the data.

The dataflow from R/3 into BW:

• We nee to generate the extract structure by selecting the fields from the communication structure in LBWE.

• Generate the datasource and select the selection fields, cancellation fields, hide fields that we want.

• Replicate it into BW. Then we need to attach Info source(Transfer rules/communication structure) to the datasource. We got 3 methods to attach the infosource..

1) Business content:: Business content automatically proposes the transfer rules and communication structure, we don’t have to do anything manually.

2) Application proposal: Here too proposal is done but some objects will be missing which we need to assign in the transfer rules.

3) Others: here we need to create the transfer structure, rules, comm. Strct from the scratch.

• Modeling like infocube, Infosurce attachment,….

• Then activate the extract structure.

• We need to fill the setup tables for the first time loading. In filling the setup tables we can select between Full load and delta initialization loads.

Filling Set up table:</b>

T Code : SBIW

Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI)->Logistics>Managing Extract Structures>Initialization-->Filling in the Setup Table -->Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data --> in that Youcan perform the Setup (Example : SD-Sales Orders - Perform Setup) and execute .. or else direct T Code : OLIBW ( means based on your application like sales order/billing/ purchase etc)• For setup tables T-Code is OLI*BW where * equals to application number like 02 fro purchasing,08 for shipment…..

• First we need to decide whether we want delta loads to be performed in the future. If we want to do delta loads, then we need to go for Delta Initialization process or else do full load.

• When we perform setup tables extraction, since setup tables are cluster tables, we can’t see the data in the setup tables. So we go for Extractor checker (RSA3) just to see the setup tables data (full/delta initialization).

• Then create infopackage and select Full or Delta initialization in Update tab and schedule it.

• Delete the setup tables data by using LBWG.

• Now we need to do delta loads.

• Delta load data flow differs with various delta update methods. We got 3 delta update methods as u know.

• If we select “Queued Delta”update method then the data moves to Extraction queue(LBWQ). Then run Collective update to move the data from LBWQ into Delta Queue (RSA7). Then schedule the data using the infopackage by selecting Delta Load in the update tab.

• If we select “Direct delta” then the delta data moves into RSA7 directly.

• If we select “Unserialized V3” method then the data goes into “Update tables(SM13)”, then run Collective update to move the data from SM13 into RSA7. Schedule the data using infopackage.

• If we click on Maintenance, we can generate the extract structure.

• If we click on 2LIS_02_CGR button, then we we can generate data source

• Inactive under Update column: we can make a extract structure as active or inactive.

• If we click on Job control button the we can maintain the collective update parameters like, start time, and is it hourly once or dialy once ……

• If we click on Queued delta button under Update mode then we can select among 3 delta update methods.

    • Only Full/Delta initialization data loads only moves into setup tables. Delta load data doesn’t move into setup tables.

**RSA3 contains only setup table’s data

    • Only Delta update data moves into RSA7/LBWQ/SM13 no full/delta initialization loads data.

The type of work process:

DIA - Work process for executing dialog steps in user transactions

UPD - Update process for executing update requests

ENQ - Process for executing enqueue requests

BTC - Process for executing batch requests

SPO - Process for executing spool requests

UP2 - Process for executing V2 update requests

<u> <b>COPA Extraction</b></u>

T code : KWB0 ---> in that CO-PA DataSource --> create and select the Operating Concern --> in that select cost based / account based as per your requirement and execute and it will goes to next screen and in that you can select the

what ever you need

1 Characteristics from the segment level

2 Characteristics from the segment table

3 Characteristics from the line items

4 Value Fields

5 Calculated Key Figures from the Key Figure Scheme

and select what ever you need / your requirement and enter (summerizational level) and save it.

After that go to RSA3 then extract and see the records and go to BW and replicated it and Schedule as per your requirement like Int / Delta/ Full

<b>Is there anything Wrong plz correct me any one..</b>


Bhima Chandra Sekhar Guntla