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LO extraction's doubts

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Hi Gurus

Would you pl clear me on the folloings with respect to LO extraction.

1.Which is preferrable update mode when we transfer the data from R/3 to BW?

Direct update

Queue delta

Unserialized V3?

2.When we maintain datasource in R/3 if we hide some fileds then what are its implications on reporting ? will they hide permenantly ? and whats the use of "Invasion field " and "filed only known in customer exit"?

3.I was tring to see data in RSA3 after filling up the set up table but the datasource 2LIS_02_ITM is not available and cant disaply data.Why? do i need to change some IMGs?

4.How to lock and unlock users when we fill up set up tables and for what reson we need to do that?


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1 Each one has it's one advantage please check this weblog for more details


2 If you hide fields in the data source the main disvantage is you won't have the option of selection in the Infopackage.

3 Did you activate the datasource in RSA5?

4 Ask your Basis team after taking approval from business and they will do this locking and unlocking of users.

Hope this helps



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first point is clear .

Pt#2 how hiding the field and selection are related as we have to different column to perform selection and hiding function.I need to know what happen if we hide some field?

Pt#3 How and when to activate datasource in RSA5? after changing ( if required ) the DS ?

Pt#4 Basis team will do it for once only or they will do it everytime ( sorry presently i am not on project ) as i understood that we need to delete and fill up the set up table during each delta load so every time do we need to ask basis people?

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Hi KR,

Before filling the setup tables for the data source, first go to RSA5 and activate the required Data Source, then follow the standard LO steps, you can easily see the data using RSA3.


Kamaljeet Singh