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LO data extraction

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hi all,

under lo extraction customizing cockpit, when i click on maintain a data source and go to selection criteria and add some firelds and confirm the entries, i get an error message:

<b>Struct. appl. 11 cannot be changed due to setup table -> Long text</b>


please help.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Sri Hari,

You need to delete the setup tables before you modify the structure in LBWE.. And then you follow the following steps:

1. Go to tcode LBWE

2. choose the Data source i.e extractor which suits to ur business scenario.

3. u need maintain the DS i.e where u can add or remove the fields 4m d extract structure....we can add d fields simply transferring fields from Communication Structure to the Extract Structure.

4. u have generate the Data Source .

5. Activate the Data source.

6. choose which type of update is needed i.e it could be either Direct, Unserialised V3 or Queued delta.

7. Delete the setup tables by tcode LBWG.

8. Run statitistical setup by tcode OLI*BW, * depends upon the application say 2-purchasing,11-sales order, 12-shipment, 13-billing....etc.

goto RSA6 in R/3 system and say transport the DS.

9.Go to bw system->source system in Modelling say replicate DS and activate the transfer rules and do all d need work on bw side.

Hope this helps you....

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1st you have to inactive the data source.

later you have to go for the maintenance tab to select the fields.

Otherwise this error will be displayed.

I will send you the Lo Document follow this method.

First Activate the Data Source from the Business Content using “LBWE”

For Customizing the Extract Structure – “LBWE”

Maintaining the Extract Structure

Generating the Data Source

Once the Data Source is generated do necessary setting for




Field Only Know in Exit

And the save the Data Source

Activate the Data Source

Using “RSA6” transport the Data Source

Replicate the Data Source in SAP BW and Assign it to Info source and Activate

Running the Statistical setup to fill

the data into Set Up Tables

Go to “SBIW” and follow the path

We can cross check using “RSA3”

Go Back to SAP BW and Create the Info package and run the Initial Load

Once the “Initial delta” is successful before running “delta” load we need to set up “V3 Job” in SAP R/3 using “LBWE”.

Once the Delta is activated in SAP R/3 we can start running “Delta” loads in SAP BW.

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I think setup tables for application component : 11 contains data. delete setup tables(T Code: LBWG) and do changes.

Hope it Helps


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Did you delete the contents of the set up table yet?