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list view doesn't show items

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i have a question...i think it is no big problem, but i didn't get it! perhaps you can help me...

Here is a little dashboard for my problem.

I like to show the name, umsatz and contract end of the top10, top 20, top 25 entreprises.

I used a list box and a list view. However, the list view doesnu2019t show these properties.

What is wrong?

...ahhh, how can i insert a file?

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Are you using Xcelsius 2008 or CX4.5?


List View - This should work just like a Spreadsheet Table. The data should be in columns with text headers:


1 10 111

2 20 222

3 30 333

Is this how you have your data setup and bound? Is your data entered directly into the Excel spreadsheet or is it imported dynamically from data connections? Are your data cells formulaic or static?


To insert an Excel file, click the green Excel button or go to Data > Import (or Import from Enterprise if using BOE). In German that is Daten > Importieren.