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List Report Navigation (List Report - Object Page - Object Page)

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Hi everyone any help with the navigation on List Reports - Object Pages?

I check this great blog ( ) but I continuosly find the same problem with my navigation.

My approach till now (Northwind service) :

First view with the List Report with all the item orders

after trigger an item, we navigate to the Object Page to display the info

But here we have another list and if I try to navigate to display the "Product" details, the navigation take me to an empty view

My navigation setting on the manifest.json:

And if I try to set any label, data point or any element on the annotation modeler, I don't achieve to display that info on a new object page because it always open a new List Report

I even tryed to set new facets and use references to the info I want to display but I didn't succed on that neither.

Any suggestions?

As far as I understand the navigation must be like this:

List Reports (Orders data) - Object Page (Orders, Employee, Orders-Detail data) - Object Page ( Products data)

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Answers (5)

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So instead of showing the product data as form it is showing empty right?

If yes, where are the field groups or identification annotations for the Product entityset ?

Also, if they are maintained, you need to maintain the Local Facet annotation to show the Product form data.


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Hello Jean,

Do you found any solution for this ?



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Hi @maheshkumar.palavalli in first play sorry for the delay on my answer.

I already tryed to create the field groups in different ways and places ( in the main Local Annotations or in different entity types as you can see on the images) but the issue is always there (the empty view of List Report).

Also is strange that I already select the entity of Products in the targets menu (at the Annotation modeler), because when I try to select the path for the field group, the product options never can be selected.

BTW thank you to taking time to study these issues, I really appreciate the community can take the time to see my doubts and help 🙂

P.S. Can't understand why every time that I try to answer to any comment the post doesn't submit that's why I must put in a different comment.

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Hi Gregor! yeah I agree with you, in fact I started with the template but when I get to the second navigation (to display the product details) I didn't succeed with the navigation, that's why I share the screenshots to be sure I didn't make a mess with the manifest.json or the anotations.

My point is, I think the pages section are well setted on the manifest and I can't understand why the second navigation take me to the empty List Report, so any help could be great.

Thanks anyway!

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I would simply try the List Report template in SAP Web IDE. It should give you this functionality out of the box.