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List Report: external navigation with parameters not working

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Hi community,

On click on a talbe line of List Reoprt, it should navigate to another app, instead of navigating to object page.

My app is based on OData V2, UI5 version 1.90.6.

To achieve this, I have configured manifest.json referring to this document. I have also added parameters as described here (section>crossNavigation).

My manifest.json setting is as below.

"crossNavigation": {
            "inbounds": {},
            "outbounds": {
                "ManagePurchaseOrders": {
                    "semanticObject": "PurchaseOrder",
                    "action": "manage",
                    "parameters": {
                        "Supplier": {
                            "value": {
                                "format": "binding",
                                "value": "BusinessPartner" //This is a property from OData model
                        "CompanyCode": {
                            "value": {
                                "format": "plain",
                                "value": "DUMMY"
                        "Plant": {
                            "value": {
                                "format": "reference",
                                "value": "UserDefault.Plant"                                

Unfortunatelly, all of above parameters are passed as-is, like below.

CompanyCode=DUMMY&Plant=UserDefault.Plant& Supplier=BusinessPartner

Did I make any mistake in the configuration? Especially I'm not sure what format I should use in case of format "binding".

Best regards,

Mio Yasutake

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Hi @MioYasutake ,

did you manage to find a solution on this? I'm stuck in the same situation: parameter are always passed as strings and are not evaluated.

Also this thread is referring to the same problem



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@Cmdd Unfortunately, I stopped exploring this topic further and have not found a solution.