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List of data sources and extract structures in LO

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Hi Everyone,

Iam very new here and to BW. Can someone help me get the list of data sources and extract structures that are very frequently used in SD & MM through LO. Just a sample of them.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi AP,

Here is the list for your ref:


2LIS_01_S001 SD S001BIWS Customer

2LIS_01_S003 SD S003BIWS Sales organization

2LIS_01_S004 SD S004BIWS Material

2LIS_01_S005 SD S005BIWS Shipping point

2LIS_01_S260 SD S260BIWS SD - Sales order

2LIS_01_S261 SD S261BIWS SD - Delivery note

2LIS_01_S262 SD S262BIWS SD - Billing document

2LIS_01_S263 SD S263BIWS SD - Sales order/delivery note

2LIS_01_S264 SD S264BIWS SD- Quotation

2LIS_01_S508 SD S508BIWS forecast data

2LIS_01_S521 SD S521BIWS

2LIS_01_S530 SD S530BIWS LO630 Unit 02 Solution

2LIS_01_S551 SD S551BIWS sales customerwise

2LIS_01_S555 SD S555BIWS Test Information system

2LIS_01_S567 SD S567BIWS Anand's copy of S001

2LIS_01_S578 SD S578BIWS Sanyo sales

2LIS_01_S579 SD S579BIWS Sanyo sales Europe MS

2LIS_01_S600 SD S600BIWS BW testing

2LIS_01_S616 SD S616BIWS SRK's Info structure

2LIS_01_S623 SD S623BIWS SOP Variable time buckets

2LIS_01_S625 SD S625BIWS LO935: Level-by-Level

2LIS_01_S629 SD S629BIWS 2LIS_01_S629

2LIS_01_S630 SD S630BIWS LO935: Group 00

2LIS_01_S701 SD S701BIWS Customer C

2LIS_01_S704 SD S704BIWS Test Manish Billing

2LIS_01_S711 SD S711BIWS Copy of S001

2LIS_01_S751 SD S751BIWS Copy of S001

2LIS_01_S765 SD S765BIWS BW infostructure

2LIS_01_S766 SD S766BIWS Sany0-BW integration

2LIS_01_S786 SD S786BIWS For SCA test

2LIS_01_S789 SD S789BIWS Anand's Structure

2LIS_01_S799 SD S799BIWS test infostructure

2LIS_01_S800 SD S800BIWS Test Info-structure

2LIS_01_S820 SD S820BIWS GM - Infostructure for APO-DP

2LIS_01_S823 SD S823BIWS Sales

2LIS_01_S869 SD S869BIWS sales info

2LIS_01_S905 SD S905BIWS Sales Planning

2LIS_01_S963 SD S963BIWS Sales Group Analysis

2LIS_01_S994 SD S994BIWS BW LIS - for Trg1

2LIS_02_CGR MM MC02M_0CGR Delivered Performance: Delivery of Confirmations

2LIS_02_HDR MM MC02M_0HDR Purchasing Data (Header Level)

2LIS_02_ITM MM MC02M_0ITM Purchasing Data (Item Level)

2LIS_02_S011 MM S011BIWS Purchasing groups

2LIS_02_S012 MM S012BIWS Purchasing

2LIS_02_S013 MM S013BIWS Vendor Evaluation

2LIS_02_S015 MM S015BIWS Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation

2LIS_02_S174 MM S174BIWS Services

2LIS_02_S771 MM S771BIWS Vendor Billing - ZBEM


2LIS_02_S931 MM S931BIWS ZBEM_S931_PUR

2LIS_02_SCL MM MC02M_0SCL Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)

2LIS_02_SCN MM MC02M_0SCN Achieved Performance: Confirmation of Schedules

2LIS_02_SGR MM MC02M_0SGR Achieved Performance: Delivery of Schedules

2LIS_03_BF MM MC03BF0 Goods Movement From Inventory Management

2LIS_03_BX MM MC03BX0 Stock Initialization for Inventory Management

2LIS_03_S091 MM S091BIWS WM: Quantity flows

2LIS_03_S194 MM S194BIWS MRP: Business Info Warehouse

2LIS_03_S195 MM S195BIWS Material movements: storage location

2LIS_03_S196 MM S196BIWS Goods movement: Plant

2LIS_03_S197 MM S197BIWS Periodic storage location stock

2LIS_03_S198 MM S198BIWS Periodic plant stock

2LIS_03_S832 MM S832BIWS Copy of S032

2LIS_03_UM MM MC03UM0 Revaluations

2LIS_08TRFKP SD MC08TR0FKP Shipment Costs at Item Level

2LIS_08TRFKZ SD MC08TR0FKZ Shipment Costs at Delivery Item Level

2LIS_08TRTK SD MC08TR0TK Shipment: Header Data

2LIS_08TRTLP SD MC08TR0TLP Shipment: Delivery Item Data per Section

2LIS_08TRTS SD MC08TR0TS Shipment: Section Data

2LIS_11_VAHDR SD MC11VA0HDR Sales Document Header Data

2LIS_11_VAITM SD MC11VA0ITM Sales Document Item Data

2LIS_11_VAKON SD MC11VA0KON Sales Document Condition

2LIS_11_VASCL SD MC11VA0SCL Sales Document Schedule Line

2LIS_11_VASTH SD MC11VA0STH Sales Document Header Status

2LIS_11_VASTI SD MC11VA0STI Sales Document Item Status

2LIS_11_V_ITM SD MC11V_0ITM Sales-Shipping Allocation Item Data

2LIS_11_V_SCL SD MC11V_0SCL Sales-Shipping Allocation Schedule Line

2LIS_11_V_SSL SD MC11V_0SSL Sales Document Order Delivery

2LIS_12_VCHDR SD MC12VC0HDR Delivery Header Data

2LIS_12_VCITM SD MC12VC0ITM Delivery Item Data

2LIS_12_VCSCL SD MC12VC0SCL Sales-Shipping Schedule Line Delivery

2LIS_13_VDHDR SD MC13VD0HDR Billing Doc. Header Data

2LIS_13_VDITM SD MC13VD0ITM Billing Document Item Data

2LIS_13_VDKON SD MC13VD0KON Billing Document Condition



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thank you so much Dinesh...i've rewarded u points.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Prashanth,

Goto R/3 -> SE11 -> ROOSOURCE -> Datasource name -> You would find the extract structure name in the <b>EXSTRUCT</b> field.

Hope this helps.



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Hi dear and welcome on board !

It's enough to go to LBWE transaction (Logistic Cockpit) in your R/3 to have not a sample but EVERY datasource available in your plug-in version !

Look at no. 02, 03, 11, 12 and 13 application components...

Hope it helps!



Here are just the most used...

2LIS_02_HDR Purchasing Data (Header Level)

2LIS_02_ITM Purchasing Data (Item Level)

2LIS_02_SCL Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)

2LIS_03_BF Goods Movements From Inventory Management

2LIS_03_BX Stock Initialization for Inventory Management

2LIS_03_UM Revaluations

2LIS_11_VAHDR Sales Document Header Data

2LIS_11_VAITM Sales Document Item Data

2LIS_11_VASCL Sales Document Schedule Line

2LIS_12_VCHDR Delivery Header Data

2LIS_12_VCITM Delivery Item Data

2LIS_12_VCSCL Sales-Shipping Schedule Line Delivery

2LIS_13_VDHDR Billing Doc. Header Data

2LIS_13_VDITM Billing Document Item Data

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another option might be to check the content of table roosource in your source system. Check for datasources (field oltpsource) named '2LIS_02', '2LIS_03', '2LIS_11', '2LIS_12' and '2LIS_13*'. It will give you almost the same names as Roberto already suggested + some additional ones.



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Thank you Roberto. But the thing is Iam far away from my system these days..I also want the extract structures for each of these if possible...