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lis setup

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for lis when i am try to get data frm r/3.

i am using the infostructure and using version comparision i m tryting to get data into s001. the problem is i am getting only 9 records for sales order setup(i.e. in transaction OLI7).

but when i check in VBAK table it has 500 records.

can anybody tell from which table is OLI7 transaction is getting the sales order details.

thanx in adv

vijay vedhere

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Let us know if S001 is being used for Std. R/3 reporting at all or is it that you are doing this for the purpose of BW. While I understand that there has been no replacement for Structure S001 in LO. However, you have the LO structures 2LIS_11_xxxx.

If you still wish to work on S001, then you need to change the delta structure S001SBIW1. Some of the fields are transposed and hence you cannot generate the LIS environment. Once you do this and activate your problem will be solved. The best way to do is look at the table def of S001 and make necessary changes to S001SBIW1 (I dont think S001SBIW2 has this problem just chack).

There is a note as Dave pointed out.


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Maybe try and re-order the delta table in SE11 so that it matchs S001. Reactivate the table and try again.

Looks similar to sap note 115192 (i think)



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you need to check your materials (may be also the sales order types) for statistical relevance. If there is no statistics group assigned to the material, it doesn't get posted to the statistics infostructures.

And yes, vbak is one of the relevant tables, but also vbap, vbpa, vbfa, vbuk, vbup...



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i have got another problem, when i am setting up the LIS environment i am getting the message LIS Environment is setup incorrectly. so when i search for help notes, it is advising me to activate the S001SBIW1 extract structure. so i went there and activated the extract structure. but i am getting the same problem again.

i am pasting the help notes. pls try help me, to come out of this problem.

When checking the LIS environment, an error 8 occured.

Error: 1. There is no active version for table S001BIW1 in DDIC.

2. Error when reading DDIC information for table/structure S001BIW1.

3. The data element for field in extract structure S001BIW1 does not agree with the data element for the information structure or the data element used in the extract structure.

The following fixed field - data element assignments exist in the extract structure:







4. The field for the information structure is missing in extract structure S001BIW1. 5. The data element for the field in the information structure is different from the data element for field in the delta table


6. The field in the information structure is missing in the delta

table S001BIW1.

7. The information structure and the delta table/extract structure

S001BIW1 have a lot of different fields.

8. The sequence of key fields for the information structure is

different from the delta table S001BIW1.


Errors 1 and 2: Check and activate table/structure S001BIW1 in DDIC.

Errors 3 to 8: Set up the new LIS environment. You do not have to

delete the LIS environment first.

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is there any special reason why you're dealing with the S001 info structure? State of the art, for extracting sales order data, are the datasources 2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VASCL for header, item and schedule line data. These datasources are much more flexible and easier to use than the old info structures. Check out, if the data you need can be extracted by those datasources.

Unfortunately it is some years ago that I worked with the old info structures S*, so in the moment I'm not able to help you out with that, but what you can do is, check S001 and S001BIW1. Check the structure, the field types ... Reactivate your datasource for S001 from BCT.