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LIS extractor: initialization/delta load

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Hi BW experts,

I got a question concerning different methods in setting up delta in LIS extractors.

I choosed 'Direct Delta'. I was wondering if I have to do sth in 'Job Control'?

thanks for your help!

Any response is highly appreciated!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi sally

in LIS extraction you dont have direct delta or any V3 jobs. In LIS extraction there at the start of each delta update request, the system switches between the two tables S5nnBIW1 and S5nnBIW2 to prevent inconsistencies occuring in the data when uploided to BW

hope this will solve your issue


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thanks for your response.

My doubt is about the 'Job Control' (you can see it when you are in Configuration Screen of the extractors). I am wondering if I need to do anything with it when I set 'Direct Delta'. I thought, I may need to schedule a job if I would use 'Queued Delta' ?

Thanks for any feedback!


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You were correct. You need maintain the job control print parameters, time and date, and then schdule the job. Then only your extractor will pull the records.

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