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LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_12_400 is failing because of Structure change

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In our system i.e.. R/3 side LBWQ is broken because of extract structure change in data source and data is there in LBWQ.

'LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_12_400', this program is the one which transfers data from LBWQ to RSA7 and it is failing now because of the change structure.

How can we correct this with out loosing data.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Charan,

Drain delta queue (smq1 or lbwq) by running delta update jobs in LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_12_400 for application 12.

Check the outbound queue is empty in smq1 or lbwq. If not empty u2013 repeat step to until is empty.

Load delta infopackage in BI until the queue is empty in RSA7 ( in ECC)

Then you can move the TRs related to change.

I hope this will resolve the issue.



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Changes are already transported and data is there in the LBWQ. In this situation how do we restore the delta with out loosing data

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Hi ,

I think you have not cleared the application 12 queue when you transported the changes.

Before moving the changes you need to clear all the delta queue from LBWQ and RSA7.

Run LIS job and push queue to RSA7. Run BW job and pull the data from RSA7 to BW.then make any changes or transport changes.

Normally it gives warning or sometimes it gives error

Thanks and regards