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LinkToAction Button problem

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My requirement is to develop a view with table which contains images (3 columns).These images are populated based on model data. On clicking on any of these images , I need to fetch respective data from R3 into an external window.

According to design that external window is in another webDynpro application of same project.

Initially requirement was Popup window instead of External Window. I was able to achive complete functionality. But now I changed Popup to External Window. Now if I click on any images I was able to open external window only for first time. If I click any of the images later I was not able to get any external window. I found that if I click on second time Link to Action is not even working.

If I refresh browser , I was able to see external window when I click on images for only one time.

Can any one guess what might be the problem?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hallo SAP Developer,

for me it seems, that your requirement can be fulfilled with a FileDownload UI element in OPEN_INPLACE mode. See the following excerpt of my FileDowload Tutorial for NW 7.0:

<i>In addition you can dynamically set the behavior property of the FileDownload-UI-element. The enumeration type WDFileDownloadBehaviour determines how the downloaded file is represented on the client. This property can have three different values:

AUTO: The behaviour is predefined and depends on the mime type of the downloaded file.

ALLOW_SAVE: An open/save dialog asks the user.

OPEN_INPLACE : The file will be opened in place in the web page with the browser-embedded application program.</i>

FileDownload can also be applied as a TableCellEditor.

See the following two tutorials/articles, implemented in NW 7.0: [original link is broken]

Regards, Bertram