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Link with Extended Email Notification can have SAP GUI for Windows?

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Hello All,

Hope you are doing good...!!!

I have a PO workflow in which when the WORK ITEM gets created and Email Notification should send to OUTLOOK based on the Email address maintained in SU01.

In previous project Client was using SAP PORTAL and i have used SWNCONFIG to send a LINK of PORTAL in email notification.

Here We do not have PORTAL and LINK has to be sent to EMAIL Notification and when User Clicks on the link then Either SAP GUI for Windows should open or it should ask for Username and Password.

I need you help and advice to achieve this requirement. I have seen that RSWUWFML2 can be used in this case?If is it so, then can someone Share the experience or give the Pseudo Code?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pleased check the below link



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Answers (3)

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Hi ,

Did you achieve the this functionality? if you are could you please let me know the steps.



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Hello All,

I found two ways, but both of them are related to RSWUWFML2, one is what shamsudheen k has mentioned and the other one is what I found over scn ""

However I did not found how we can achieve this functionality through Extended Notifications(SWNCONFIG).

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Hmmmm... Unfortunately I suspect you may not have looked quite hard enough...

Extended notifications has General Settings where you can adjust the inbox link sent

You can also use the Subscription parameters of your workflow scenario to choose what sort of link you want sent for tasks/work items

You can even create your own Notification Handler class to implement your own customized task links

And you can even create your own Message Template to adjust the formatting of the link within the message

The LINK options in the Subscription parameters are most likely what you are looking for.. If you use transaction SWFVISU for task visualization those links will be picked up automatically by extended notifications.. provided you have set the appropriate  General Settings such as the host URL parameters.  Other work items will use SAPGUI for HTML by default. You can do SAPGUI for Windows by using the appropriate link parameters in the Subscription Parameters... provided of course you can guarantee your users have SAP Logon on their machine to process the link.

Btw RSWUWFML2 is now a long deprecated precursor to Extended Notifications.

Extended Notifications really does offer far superior functionality with much more choice and flexibility, as many in this forum have previously attested.

You might want to take another look



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Anything RSWUWFML2 can do, Extended Notifications can do better, so start setting it up!

After that you can try out the necessary values in the links.