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Link Webi Report to External URL using URL contained in Dim Object

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I am trying to create a link in my WebI report to an external URL which is stored in a Dimension object.

The object is simply a string format which contains a link to a Lotus Notes database



When I put the link into Internet Explorer I get the appropriate Lotus Notes databse, however, when trying the same in WebI using the following formula:

="<a href=[Notes url1] target='_blank'>Test</a>"

I get the following URL when clicking the link from InfoView[Notes...;

If I hardcode the URL into WebI

="<a href='Notes:///CA2573920000079B/0B4D8972EDD5DE7CCA257109000682B7/32250ACFEAF2B80FCA2573AB00831255' target='_blank'>Test</a>"

It works without a problem.

I'm sure I'm missing something anyone able to help?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you build a URL on the fly it requires a certain way to encapsulate everything. Here is another way for you to try it:

="<a href="+Char(34)+[Notes url1]+" target='_blank'>Test"+Char(34)+"</a>"

Plz note the use of Char(34) which generates a double-quote. This method should help you with getting a dynamic product delivered to your audience.



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